Earn a recurring income for a Lifetime

Dev-ops IT Managers Employee Refer your startup or enterprise, get 70% + lifetime recurring revenue.

2700 USD a month

  • 150 USD for each referral
  • Signup Bonus 60 USD
  • Generate,share and earn from discount voucher referral
  • Payouts in 90 days
  • Browser Cookie remembers 365+ days
  • Extra 10% for Youtube, Linkedin and Medium post referrals
  • Management Dashboard - coupon generator, stats, commission, withdrawal and much more
Products Signups
Per month
For every signup
Recurring Commission
On every signup's lifetime
Recurring signups eligibility
Enterprise Plans 1-3 50% 10% 1-3 Signups/month
Enterprise Plans
3+ 70% 20% 3+ Signups/month
Startup Plans 1 -3 60 USD Nil 2+ 1+ Signups/month
Startup Plans
4 - 8 100 USD 10 % 10 4+ Signups/month
Startup Plans 8 - 18 125 USD 10 % 10 8+ Signups/month
Startup Plans
18+ 150 USD 20 % 25 18+ Signups/month
Crazy Plans 1+ 20 % 10 % 10 1+ Signups/month

Startup Plan = Cloud Hosting, Super Cloud, Cloud Reseller, Wordpress Hosting & E-commerce Cloud.
Enterprise Plan = Managed Cloud, Premium Cloud & Military Grade Cloud.

How can i Earn ?

Your subscribers, followers and visiters clicks the given unique tornader link to sign up, you get paid, simple.


  Social Media

Talk about it in your media sharing platforms like Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Qzone, Vimeo, Tik Tok and share your unique referral link from tornader.



Posting articles and sharing reviews on Medium, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit, Wordpress, Baidu Tieba, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Line and WhatsApp by letting them know how tornader is different.



If you are an employee, transform your company and make some huge recurring commissions by convincing your startup / company, about speed, security and costs advantage of tornader.

Why tornader referral program ?

Free registration, earn by just letting people know.

Guaranteed Commission
Reliable Tracking - 365+ days Cookie

When someone visits tornader through your youtube, Linkedin, blog, website or any social media post, our cookies remembers them for more than 365 days, so that your commission is ensured even if anyone signsup many many months later.

Sign Up Bonus

Earn 60 USD Bonus just for signing up, paid in three installments, meaning you will be paid 20$ from the signup bonus on your first payout and dont worry the rest will be paid in multiples of 20$ consecutively, in addition to your earnings.

For a Lifetime
Recurring Income

Employees, Dev-ops, sysadmins, IT managers, influencers can gain immensely by talking to your subscribers, organizations, startups and getting them onboard with tornader, you are not just earning huge cash but also helping your organization reduce operation and training cost.

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

Wanna make some money by just referring, reach out to us for any questions.

What is lifetime recurring income ?
  • Commission percentage will be added every month or annually from the renewal value as long as the customer stays with tornader.

Can i refer myself or immediate family?
  • You are always welcome to refer your immediate family member but you cannot claim any commissions for the referral.

    We are very good at figuring out these referrals, claiming commission for yourself, immediate family member or use someone just to claim commission, will lead to termination of both the accounts without a refund and explanation.

How do i get payed ? how long does it take ?
  • You will be paid either through bank account or paypal.

    We take exactly 90 days on receiving the to ensure that the referee has an active subscription and doesn't file chargeback or claim refund, dont worry, rest assured, once you cross the payout threshold we make payments in less than 24-48 banking business hours.

What is the minimum payout?
  • You will be payed immediately after you earn 80 USD, excluding signup bonus 60$.

What if i qualify for recurring income only for a month?
  • You will get a lifetime of recurring income on the referred active accounts.

How do i qualify for Extra 10% commission?
  • Any referral made through Youtube, Linkedin or Medium posts qualify for extra 10% commission.