Block Storage

2x faster block storage that beats our competition hands down. Check all features

All Block Storage include

  • Powerful API
  • Deploy in few seconds
  • Scheduled backups & Snapshots
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Content Delivery Edge Network (CDN)
  • Reliable as a Tank

Block Storage Features

The certain things that make tornader different.

Control Panel
On the fly Upgrade

Increase or decrease your storage on the fly without touching your cloud instance. Isn't that cool!

Super Secure

Encryption is key at tornader, data transmission happens through a separate quarantined network.

Like a Bullet

Our block storage are 2X faster than the competition, supported by third party audits.

Control Panel
Built lika a Tank

Stored in isolated networks, replicated on multiple distributed premium hardware architectures, for redundancy and high I/O Performance.

Easy to Attach

Deploy and attach your block storage to any tornader instance in few seconds without the complexities of a large storage cluster.

Backups and Snapshots

Taking snapshots and backups using our easy to use control panel, in few seconds, however large storage maybe.

Frequently Asked Block Storage Questions

Block storage might be confusing, to know more, please reach out to us.

Can i attach block storage to an instance from different region?
  • Block storage can be attached to any tornader instance in the same region.

    However cross region support for block storage is not available.

What is the difference between Block storage and Object storage ?
  • Object storage are meant for static files which can be accessible through HTTPS endpoints.

    Block storage are faster used for dynamic storage, serving websites, which can be mounted as a disk on any tornader instance.

Is an upgrade or downgrade possible anytime from tornader's happening area ?
  • Yes, you can upgrade your storage anytime. However, downgrade is not possible, you have to create a new Block storage and copy all the data to a newly downgraded one

    Few exception for instances available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, and parts of U.S.A. region where downgrade is possible .

Is there a charge for power downed/stopped instance or storage ?
  • Please be aware that any power downed/stopped instance is chargeable like any other instance .

    Instance or storage has to be deleted/destroyed inorder to be stopped from getting billed.