Obect Storage

Get a performance-optimized CDN for your application in minutes. Check all features

All Object Storage include

  • S3 compatible API
  • Deploy in few seconds
  • Scheduled backups & Snapshots
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Content Delivery Edge Network (CDN)
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) intuitive manager
DBaaS Performance

Automate your deployments

Cloning servers, storage drive, scheduling backups to instant snapshots all done in one simple control panel with few seconds.

Turbocharged caching & content delivery

Complicated storage clusters are simplified into secure seamless architecture to deliver images, audio, video, CSS and Javascript at a super fast speeds.

DBaaS Resilience

DBaas Secure

Super Secure

All stored data are SSL Secured cloned realtime in three different storage for higher availability.

Frequently Asked Object Storage Questions

Object storage might be confusing, to know more, please reach out to us.

Can i manage who can view my data in an object storage?
  • All files uploaded to block storage are private by default, However you can manage them.

    By making private, public or even share them with a self expiring link for a particular period.

What is the difference between object storage and block storage ?
  • Object storage are meant for static files which can be accessible through HTTPS endpoints.

    Block storage are for dynamic storage serving websites, that can be mounted as disk on any tornader instance.

Is an upgrade or downgrade possible anytime from tornader's happening area ?
  • Yes, you can upgrade your storage anytime.

    However, downgrade is not possible, you have to create a new Object storage and copy all the data to a newly downgraded one.

Can i use Object storage from any tornader instance and is it S3 compatible ?
  • Object storage are directly accessible from any tornader instances through HTTPS endpoints.

    Moreover, as tornader's object storage is S3 compatible, feel free to use any S3 compatible tools.